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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sit Back, Relax!

I got to work early yesterday to work on the schedule with Susan - we have all sorts of patients and patchwork staff at the moment so it's turned into quite a balancing act. We think we got it straight! We had one arguement as I had a patient to go see and everytime I was ready to work on the schedule for next week - Susan was not. Finallly at 9 I announced I was leaving and that would be when Susan yelled - it was a short lived thing.  I managed to get out of work on time and headed home a bit early - Ray and Jackson were hanging out in the living room waiting on David and the beer. (well, Ray was waiting for the beer, Jackson will have to wait a bit longer....). Ray's trip down went very well and he made good time. He's gotten his house in NJ straight with the window repair and all so he's doing well. We got Jackson's report card too - he did VERY well. 2 "C's and the rest all A's and B's - we're very proud of him for really pulling it together and doing so well. We didn't do too much, we were tired from work and Ray was a bit tired from the drive so we went out to the Boston Beanery. I had a beanwich of course - I asked them to leave off the strips of bacon and right before the waitress left to put in our order David told her I was a vegetarian. I told him I wish you hadn't done that because here she comes back to the table and I assured her I knew there were pieces of bacon in the beans and I would take care of it myself. Since I am a Nonpolitical Vegetarian ingesting the occasional teeny piece of meat doesn't affect my stance at all, nor has it ever interrupted my sleep or backstepped my karma. So I ate my fries while meticulously picking out every teensy piece of bacon I could see (with the waitress sneaking peeks everytime she passed to see how I was doing) and by the time my fries were gone I had a meatfree Beanwich which was better than you ever dreamed of a food to be. We headed home and I think everyone was passed out by 9 - Pearl the Pest included!

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