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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Trudging Along

The good news is we have a full time visit nurse, the bad news is she won't be available until the beginning of July. In the meantime business has been booming and my boss has decided to have an issue with me - she hasn't told me what the issue is and from what I've seen in the past, she apparently just does this. I was upset - I certainly don't need anymore stress!, but she's on vacation for a week and I'm just ignoring it for now. My pool cover is finally in so I'm picking it up today on my way through Mannington at Susan's dad's home center. I also have to get more pool supplies - I go through them pretty fast. Ray is supposed to be coming out this weekend so I have to De-Cat his room but I'm really looking foward to this weekend, I'll be off and so will my phone. Adam has been writing me from Washington state, he's figuring he'll be leaving around the 20th and cannot wait. I'm sure he can't. Pearl's tail is all better and she's back to her usual loony self, much to the cat's dismay. My other problem is the yarn I ordered from Yarnpicks - it comes unskeined and when I tried to skein it - what a mess! It came apart in about 10 short lengths and the rest is a huge knotted mess so I'll have to contact the company to find out if there's some secret way to skein it or I should just give it up as a lost cause. Things have been bad enough lately, I don't need my yarn turning on me!

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