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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ho. Hum.

Yes I know that's an old picture - I have some on my camera but just too lazy to download them. I've been rather occupied with other activites, we got a new laptop a few weeks ago so I spend time surfing about on that - it's a lot different than the computer and I've had to call for help twice so far. For some reason I can't do entries on my journal from that computer - I have no idea why. We should get the house done for wireless, but it requires someone being home during the week and that's just not possible now. I'm working like mad on the blanket, I'm almost done with the second row of houses and then there's one more row, then the sides..... I'm trying desperately not to get distracted even though there's a Baby Cape and a Sock Monkey Hat trying to lure me away. My russian knitting needles should hopefully be here next week - it would figure the week I order is the same exact week everyone at Peece Fleece goes on hiatus. On the yarn front I hit a total bonanza - the Big Lots in Waynesburg has a yarn bin - full of Lions Brand, Paton, etc... I went through the whole thing and got about 15 skeins of yarn - lace weight for a dollar apiece! The same yarn in Michaels is $5 a skein so it really made my day. On the work front we have an orientee on Friday - hopefully I'll have my radio straightened out by then - I hate being without it. I got a new battery last week, David had Aids Auto put it in - but when I went to drive it the next day the CD player and radio wouldn't work at all - and it said Code E. David took it back to the store - and they had no idea what to do either despite the fact that they had done it. We called Honda in Mt Morris and they said I could stop by - but they're not open on Saturday and with my schedule lately there's no way I can get there before 5. David's taking my car to University this morning to have the oil done so he said he'd ask them to look at it. All this trouble over a stupid radio - but when you spend 8 hours a day in your car, it's a big problem.

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mosie1944 said...

Ewww, 8 hours a day in a car.  You may as well be an over-the-road truck driver!