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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside!

It's been super grey and gloomy lately, we have not seen the sun in days. It's supposed to clear up today, I hope and the tempeture is supposed to be up in the 60's - "supposed to" being the operative word. The rain has made everything chillier - we run for the heat in the morning! I finally finished the second row of houses on the blanket even though I bought all sorts of new yarn and needles which sit taunting me with their Super Nifty-Ness and looking like they would like to make a Monkey Hat. Bastards. The carpet guy is coming on the 26th, that's cutting it a little close to Jackson's graduation but there's not much we can do about it. Jackson had a great time at the prom, Becky's mom had professional portraits done so we'll be getting copies of them I was told. David went to pick Jackson up and told me Becky's mom was still a bit giddy about the whole thing - she really REALLY likes this stuff. Jackson's been a bit stressed as of late, I don't think he realized how much his life is changing and it's coming all at once - the fat lady is about to sing and I don't think he's as ready for it as he thought he was.

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