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Friday, May 16, 2008

That Inbetween Age

Victoria's Secret is having thier  big sale (they have two a year) so I was paging through that last  night as that's my stock up time. It was making me laugh though as just yesterday I was in CVS buying denture tablets (for me) and epsom salts (for David) - I guess I'm just at that awkward stage again! It's sort of like being twelve all over again except I've got more wrinkles and I'm not as boy crazy. Jackson and Adam are both going through it too - Adam called last night in high gear as he got his orders and he is NOT happy. He's being sent to Norfolk Va and according to him he is being assigned to Hillbilly Hell. David and I cannot convince him Norfolk is a city since there's a large base so we're just letting him spin his wheels until he can calm down. I know alot of it is he had his sights set on going back overseas and now he'll have to wait. Jackson teeters back and  forth between being very excited and very sad between leaving - he's got time as he doesn't go until Sept but with graduation looming it seems like it's coming up all at once. We've got tons to do this weekend and I'm oncall so I'm sure we'll be busy bees. It's raining AGAIN which is holding up the works on some of our projects - arrgh. The pool cover is again covered with rain water but I am not touching that due to what happened the last time I helped. David got the lawn mowed yesterday thank goodness. He has to put the rest of the fence up on the lower part of the yard as we've been having a little problem with the ATVs - one neighbor in particular. David put up a fence and he went around it - then David went down and spoke to him and he was like "oh, you don't want me riding my ATV in your yard?"( you would think the fence would be a big enough hint, wouldn't you?).  Aside from the fact it makes the dog nuts, the tires on those things tear up the ground and leave ruts - I noticed he didn't offer to repair any of the damage he's done so far, apparently we don't mind that either!

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