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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No News Is No News.

Yes this is going to be one of those entries where I just blather on a bit about there nothing going on. That's alright, too much excitement isn't good for you anyhow. Call was busy, I ended up pretty much working all weekend and then diving right back into it Monday. I did get to go to AC Moores, but there really wasn't anything good on sale so I trotted over to Big Lots and bought yarn there - whoo hoo is all I hve  to say. Today things finally slowed down a bit and I'm home early - but only because I started off at 7 am this morning for a Vanco peak and trough. Jackson and Becky are spending yet another afternoon together, as the year draws to an end I think they're both realizing how much they'll miss each other. I'll miss Becky too, she's been in our lives for the past few years and it's going to be hard not seeing her and Jackson. I  sent out the graduation pictures so you should all be getting one in the mail, please note the Senior picked out the Ninja Monkies T-shirt, not the the mother of the graduate who obviously would have picked something else. Right now we in the Other Shoe To Drop Mode, everything is just about to happen, but not yet. Adam has calmed down about being sent to "Hillybilly Hell" (aka Norfolk,Va), he'll live once he gets over not being sent back to Japan. The carpet guys will be here Sunday which will give Miss Pants something to do, we had the house made wireless today and the printer looked at AGAIN (don't ask, it turned out it doesn't work if Jackson's F drive is hooked up, go figure)so she got to hang out with the computer guy for the day. Then Thursday the guests will be arriving so she'll be Hostessing for a few days, busy girl!

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