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Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's All I Have!

We're getting new carpet next week finally, we had set aside money for this earlier this year but getting a reasonable estimate was a bit difficult. Lowe's will be doing the carpeting next week so David has been harrassing me about packing up the books in the hutch so he can move it. THEN he thought I should put them in the attic since they're cookbooks. I said no they're not - they're knitting books and It's All I Have (David swears everytime he asks me to get rid of anything or put it away I start announcing It's All I Have even if I have several hundred of whatever item is under scrutiny this week...).  He was astonished they were ALL knitting books and then he started that lecture - how much can you knit, how many can you use, blah blah blah - but I don't really think a hutch full is so many. It's not like a room full - which then brought us to his favorite subject of How Much Yarn Do You Really Have - I said just what's in the dresser and the closet in the guest room. Oh, and the little basket...and there might be a few skeins in the entertainment center.... do you know he actually accused me of HIDING YARN?? Like I would do that! He has such a little black heart sometimes. The other sensitive subject is the little lawn mower which suddenly quit working the other day. Just like that. David asked me if I put gas in it and I said why and he said because you have to use a mixture of gas and oil and then he said did you put gas from the big can in it and I said I don't remember. I'm sticking to that. Anyhoo, my car is off to the Honda shop again today - they have to pull the radio because when AidsAuto changed the battery they screwed up the connection to the radio and it needs reset. But  because my car is an older one they have to pull the radio to get the code, otherwise it will just say Error E until I die. When we drop off my car we might go to a gun auction while we wait in Kirby. Jackson picked up his tux yesterday and we have to pick up the flowers this morning. Arrgh - busy busy day!

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