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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Crabapples Inc

I am just a walking Crabapple this morning, everything is exploding in a hundred different directions and having little sleep is not helping. My poison ivy has spread to all over  status which was okay as it gave me something to do other than lie there half the night all stressed out. I have a ton of patients that have to be squeezed in a small frame of time and since half of them are from the nurse who left, I don't know them. My foot is killing me - as I was moving stuff  back upstairs Vincent and Pearl were trying to push past me and I accidently stepped on a tack strip ripping my foot open so that's all nice and sore. Jackson and Becky are supposedly officially breaking up today so that should be stressful for everyone - I told David that I'm not sure if WE'RE ready to break up with Becky either. We opened the pool the other day (since we don't already have enough to do, why the hell not) and I can't get the water to clear. I know I had this problem last year but I can't remember what it was I did about it. It'll come to me at some point, probably after I've spent over a hundred on chemicals, none of which are the correct ones. And yes, I know I've been whining for the past two weeks and it will all settle down, but it just always seems to come at once, doesn't it? And then I'm most likely going to start shopping for another job soon, I'm in no hurry so I can afford to take my time and see what's really out there - or wait to see if our house sells quickly and take some time off to go look elsewhere. And did I mention it started raining again?

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