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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Never Come Between A Woman And Her WeedWhacker

I have managed to keep the super heavy duty string on  my weed whacker for a total of THREE days which is a world record for me at this point - my old record is 20 minutes. I've been whacking a section at a time of the lower part of the yard so you can at least see through the foliage which manages to be quite beautiful and yet quite painful (thorns are always lurking) at the same time. David just groans at the mere mention of the yard at this point, it's rained just about every day this month so everyone's yard is out of control. As you can see from the pictures I've posted not only is very green it's extremely thick, it's alot of fun to play on when it's mowed. This morning I turned my attention to the beds, bathrooms and tiled areas as there isn't that much time left between now and company. I have tomorrow off,  but the carpet people are coming so David and Jackson have spent the morning lugging the larger furniture to the back room and I've stripped all the beds in the guest rooms and have put it up until after the carpet is done tomorrow. We have most of the shopping done - more or less and David is finished with his latest job for now so he'll be home for the week finishing up our roof and what not. Jackson  brought home is prom pictures so I'll try to scan them later or when ever I have time, which ever comes first. We're going to see Indiana Jones today at lunch time and then off to Sam's Club to finish up.

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