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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

As you can see from David's comment on yesterday's blog he forgot again  - he usually does so it's an ongoing thing with us. I just happen to like celebrating anything that involves a gift for me and he doesn't - I guess it's just one of those things. In other news I FINALLY got my radio reset - we had to take it to Honda on Saturday which was an added bonus as we didn't realize they were open on Saturdays so now we can bring the CRV there instead of hopping from garage to garage. The problem with being a visit nurse is I can't do without my car and the only time I can bring it in is if I take a vacation day or drop it off on Saturday. So that was a good thing and they also wrote down the code on the bill so if it ever happens again we can reset it ourselves. We are off to Home Depot this morning to take a last minute peek at carpet prices there before we pay for the carpet at Lowes just to make sure we're  getting a good deal. Jackson stayed over  Becky's yesterday, we dropped him, the tux and the flowers off around two - I was so mad that I didn't have my camera with me as Becky came out to show off her dress and hairdo. She looked beautiful and a bit giddy - doesn't everyone though? She had the traditional appointment at the hairdressers so her hair was all curled and the dress was  a floor length apple green, the flowers matched perfectly! They're having pictures taken so I'm sure we'll get some. I took my vacation days for Jackson's graduation so that's all set - that's the next thing on our plate!


connie7280 said...

Happy Mothers day to you -- from your mother .  Thank you for the gift.  Love to you .   MOM

davidwlester said...

On occasion I do forget some holidays I am sorry for that the boys well there lives are in termoil at the moment no excuse Jackson has been stressed and for years Jullia and I have hasd the conversation that most boys don,t remember these things, Adam called on mothersday morning, Jackson had been to his senior prom that night we did get cards on way home there was another guy doing same I took Julia out to lunch on mothers day, I am sorry.  love  David