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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Work has been busy, I've been doing a lot of driving due to the fact that we are trying to divide up the territory of the nurse that left and I'm the only nurse with two licenses that can work both states. We have the Bridgeport nurse part time and then are patching up the rest with a couple of per diems. It is hard though because I'm not familar with any of the patients and most of them are at the midstream point of care. And then, even though I try to get them in as straight a line as possible, it's still a lot of miles between point A and point B.Thank goodness my car stereo is working because I'd go nuts without that! I have tons to do this weekend and as you can see since I'm on the computer and am planning on seeing Indiana Jones this weekend I am maybe not being all that I can be. We've all been busy with the yard, all this rain the past month has stepped up the Jungle Effect, I've been cutting paths through the lower acres just so we can get through them. David does NOT like my weed whacking, or my mowing for that matter, he generally runs around yelling You're Breaking The Weed Whacker! Look Out For The Stumps! Didn't I tell You Not To Put Gas In The Little Lawn Mower! ACK! ACK! I try to ignore him best as I can, but sometimes he can get a bit noisy. We have to start packing up stuff for the carpet guys, they'll move a reasonable amount of furniture I've been told, but that doesn't include my shoes, yarn or knitting books. I'm still on the fence about keeping the hutch, we got rid the enourmous kitchen table so we no longer have anything that matches the giant hutch, but I'm not sure where we would store all the flotsom that is currently hiding in it. Jackson is done with school, he officially graduates on May 31st, I sort of forgot to include that in the graduation announcements. I made my own because I have all this nifty printing stuff, but by the time I managed to figure out the program(after the 29th attempt) I was a bit stressed and I guess I forgot to put that back in - but it came out pretty good, didn't it?

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