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Friday, May 9, 2008

I Should Be Orientated By Now.

Yes, I have yet another orientee riding shotgun today - it's getting discouraging. It's not that home care is such a bad racket - especially since I manage to get all my shopping done during the day and still get home in time for dinner - but it's hard to find someone with the skills and that enjoys the driving which freaks people out. This RN is a per diem but I guess the agency is hoping after we get her situated she'll come over to the dark side. It's pouring rain today which isn't the best - it'll be muddy to put it mildly. The grass which is already super thick around our house is going to be crazy by next week as they're predicting rain for the entire week. David is taking Jackson for his tux today and we pick up the flowers tomorrow, Jackson is feeling a bit better but still stressing. Since Adam is now in Mississippi at A school he doesn't have him to talk to as much so that's sort of adding to it. School gets out on the 20th this year and then graduation is the 31rst. I have to call the school and find out who I tell the number of guests attending the graduation soon or we'll all be sitting in the parking lot! It's one of those things, you think you have all this time and then BOOM there it is a day away. I have to start mucking out the guest rooms and David is still doing his projects although this rain is holding up a few things.

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