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Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Big Fifty

Yes, David finally turned the Big 5-0 - he's the first to do it in our little group (Stephen, Kim and Liz - you ARE NOT that far behind so stop dancing around and gloating). He has been feeling that foot drifting closer to the grave as he's been getting bombarded by the AARP and far more hilarious - the local Ghouls and Mausoleum People looking to sell him Subterranean Digs. Apparently he is up for a discount. It would be cheaper if we just put him under here, after all we do have 6 acres so we could just park him in the corner near Velma's property - although she might object. There was a guy in Clarksburg that went to court over that subject - he wanted to be buried in his yard and his neighbors, well, they just weren't that neighborly about it. The final verdict was a big NO, because he was located in town and I think they though he would interfer with the septic system or something. I myself would be a little uncomfortable with the neighbor interred next to my patio personally. Anyhoo, we are not going to get that involved over David's 50th, we were going to go out to dinner but it's during the week and everyone is tired so we'll be going out on Sunday as Jackson's prom is Saturday. The tux is ready, the flowers are ordered and the photographer will be at Becky's house so that's all ready to roll. So we're just having cake tonight and hanging out.

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