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Friday, May 30, 2008

Long Time No See

What a long week - I raced through my visits and actually managed to get it done by 12;30 and got home in plenty of time for Mom and Fred to arrive. I had made a lasanga and strawberry short cake the night before so we would have a nice dinner with a minimum of fuss and dishes. David and Fred have been yakking nonstop since they arrived, the water in the pool cleared and Pearl is having a great time. Jackson had Graduation Practice today in which they spent a great deal of time marching around the collisium, David went shooting with Cecil and Mom, Fred and I did the grand tour of Pricketts fort,circa 1750's. When Mom was here the last time it was being renovated so we didn't get to go, but today we did, although we spent some time dodging the Fourth Grade Class. They have 3 Historically Accurate People, but two of them are teenagers so the Pioneers in WV apparently wore bandanas, dock shoes and no pants. Fred complimented the Indian on his nose ring which made Mom want to give him a little smack - we were debating on whether it was part of the costume (Fred and I think it was) or just a teenage thing that Should Not Be Mentioned (mom's opinion). Anyhoo, the sheep were already sheared so there was no Crafty Thieving on my part and the weather was very nice today so we had a good time. We did Cracker Barrel for lunch and then took the back roads to Gabes so Fred could see something other than the highway. We were going to  BBQ but the $50 grill finally gasped it's last so it was a fry up for now. The graduation thing is quickly getting out of control, we started off with a table for 7, we're currently up to TEN and there might be a couple other guests slipping in here and there. ARRGH. Oh well, you only graduate once. Janet and Diane are set to arrive around 9 pm and the graduate and the Hostess are eagerly awaiting thier arrival. So everyone is having a good time, I hope the weather holds!

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mosie1944 said...

Reminds me of Fort Osage, a short drive from my house.  Only in Missouri, Pioneers and Indians have the decency to wear pants.  ROFL!!!!!