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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Hump Day

No, I didn't end up voting. It was one of those things that you don't think about until the day of. Most places vote at the schools or fire dept - so I left a little early and hmm, school was in session and the fire dept was quiet so off to work I went. You can't vote out of your district and by the time I blew back into town and discovered they vote at the senior center, there was a huge crowd and I had a dog that had been in the house all day on her own. My candidate didn't win regardless (better luck next election Ralph!!) so the country will have to be left until it's own devices until next election when I'm a bit better prepared. Speaking of blowing into town my Mom and Fred will be making a landing around noon, David has been elected head of the Entertainment Committee as I cannot take another day off from work. We'll be going out to dinner which will be fun, they're only staying overnight but will get to see the new house. Work is work, I'm still getting used to (and still hating) this hourly crap. My job in WV was salaried which meant when I was done I was done and went home. Here when I'm done I have to go back to the office - it's 8:30 to 5 or they dock your butt. If I leave my house (as opposed to the office) at 8:30 and arrive at the patient's house at 9 - they dock me for that! I pointed out that I have patients near my house so if I drive into the office and sign in at 8:30, then drive BACK to the patient, they'll be paying me double for travel time and milage, but if that's the rule I will abide by it - I'd rather drive the extra 15 miles than work for free. I'm sure I'll work it out but it is hard to get used to after my old job. It's funny how things don't look so bad when you're looking at them from a distance.

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