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Friday, November 14, 2008

The weather has been very rainy lately - it goes along with my mood as of late. Things are not bad - I am just tired of being sick and it makes everything look that much worse. Part of it is getting used to being an hourly wage earner instead of a salaried one - and yes, there is a big difference - because with being salaried you can play around with your time like working straight through the day and getting off early. Here I still work straight through and all I do is make more work for myself. Liz is going to be nearby this weekend and I can't see her because I'll be oncall that day, we can't go anywhere for Thanksgiving because I just get the one day off - I feel like I moved all this way and I'm still working harder and I still get to see no one, different state same crap. Arrgh. It will get better eventually, we got hit with a lot all at once and it is starting to even out, but it'll take more than a day I suppose. I'm trying to be overwhelmed by every little thing, I knit and play with Pearl - I have looked into some groups but it comes back to the same thing. There's actually a knitting group that meets down at the library - but I'm working so I can't go to that. There just doesn't seem to be enough time anymore.

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