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Sunday, November 2, 2008

You Get What You Pay For

We had a very nice, very quiet weekend with Ray. He arrived Saturday morning and after a few cups of coffee we headed off to the bookstore. Before we left I made copies of the coupon I got online so both Ray and I had one for 40% off a book. I got a sock knitting book and a CD of Pachelbel (I'm addicted, I admit it!) - we did a brief walkthrough of AC Moore but I didn't have a coupon so I was not interested. Well, I was interested - in a very cool knitting bag - and it was polka dotted of course. But I had no coupon so no sale since I already have a few knitting bags as we all know and cannot justify full price. We went to our favorite restaurant and then back home, stuffed. This morning we went out for breakfast to a new place - it was a little stressful for the cook as the waitress hadn't shown up and he was a Jack Of All Trades and none too happy about it. The waitress did show up eventually (she had forgot to set her clock)but the cook was still not a Happy Boy. We picked up the Sunday News and Lo and Behold - a coupon for AC Moores, whoo hoo whoo hoo. David had to go to Lowes so I encouraged that behavior and I got my new knitting bag for 40% off, you can't beat that with a stick. We had dinner at out favorite italian place, I just finished calling patients and Ray's team won so it was a good day in the neighborhood. I only have one complaint and it's about the yarn I got from Big Lots - it seems the dye lot is a bit iffy which would have been a better discovery at the START of the back as opposed to 2/3 of the way through. My game plan is to make the hood very big to cover up the Not So Matching Portion of the sweater. I suppose that's what you get for a dollar a skein. Bastards.

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