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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday Is Over, The Countdown Begins

I guess we start the countdown, after all that's what Thanksgiving if for, isn't it? I went to stop at AC Moores yesterday before going to my last visit and then remembered(as I was sitting in traffic) that it was Black Friday. Sometimes I think we share more with Pavlov's dogs than we care to admit. We will most likely do gift certificates and cash for the boys again this year, as we get older it gets harder and harder to buy actual gifts and the distance makes returns much more difficult. We might do a bit of shopping today, I do need a new coat, something a little

more practical than my wool trench coat. I'm looking for something with a hood I think since I don't wear a hat. Ray was going to come out this weekend but due to the lousy weather forecast (rain, snow, sleet) he opted to stay in NJ. My car is making a short visit to the repair shop, they're going to put it on the computer to see why that little yellow light keeps coming on, I'm hoping it's nothing or at least something small and easily fixed. Given the way my life is running these days that's long shot, sigh sigh sigh. We have given up looking for a car on the internet, there's so much scamming and it's so much money it's a scary thing indeed - all the things they warn about (person claims they can ship the car for free, they want a money gram, etc...) has been demanded by both people David emailed. And when asked for more information they disappear into the mist.

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