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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Time To Pull The Plug

I have to completely restart this sweater - there is just too much wrong with it and it cannot be saved. Aside from the fact the dye lot is not consistant I wasn't paying attention and didn't bind off the sleeves right. Last night I started frogging it and the yarn got jammed - enough already! So I'm just giving it up as a bad job and moving on, there are times in life when no matter how hard you try it just isn't fixable. Anyhoo, my Mom and Fred left yesterday morning, we had a very good visit despite the fact I was working and I've got a bad cold. David performed his duty as Entertainment Committee and they did the apple farm and the local diner for lunch. Then they went to Lowes and David took them to Wegmans, the grocery store. They had a great time there because they were having some sort of Free Sample Day and Fred now has a better appreciation of Brie. I didn't get any pictures this time around and David forgot so you will just have to make due with the Failed Knitting Project and Cheesy Jesus. The day is pretty grey - we're just doing a little shopping and then back home for me to lay around and be sick. My stupid bruises are fading, at least one of them, sigh. I take Pearl out on a leash at night and last week when we went out there was a rabbit - Pearl just took off and it happened so fast I didn't have time to let go of the leash. I lost my footing and Pearl actually yanked me over the iron railing, fortunately the only thing I suffered was a large bruise on my arm from where I hit the rail. Then last night when getting the mail in the dark I caught my foot and fell again, so I am now sporting a very large bruise on my left knee. David has threatened to put a bicycle helmet on me if this continues. I managed to do an ENTIRE week of work for the first time since I started, they were scoping for people to work the weekend but I declined. I'm already doing a day of on call for one of the other nurses and I need to get over this stupid cold - due to the fact I seem to suffer from any and all side effects of medications I'm pretty limited to tylonol and a vaporizer, hooray for me. In other news Jackson got his cell phone last night so he was teathered to the wall with the recharger but was excited to have it. He's doing well and sounds great enjoying Navy life and so forth.

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