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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We Are Waiting For Santa And Verizon - Whoever Shows Up First

Yes, it did snow last night - not a lot, but enough to partially put out the Direct TV and for Pearl to dart around in this morning. Vincent went out, we have no idea why - all he does is runs around to the front of the house so he can huddle on the porch where all the neighbors can see him so we look like bad owners. It's still snowing so I'll probably leave a bit early this morning, the snow plows have been running all night and I'm hoping the roads won't be too bad. David has to stay home for half the day as Verizon is supposed to make a Special Guest Star Appearance. We had tried to get them here yesterday, David called before he left for work and they told him they couldn't. Then they call my cell phone to tell me they have a cancellation so I asked what time so I could call David and let him know. Well, there was no time - just "sometime today". I asked the Customer Rep if that meant David needed to run home at 10 am and then proceed to sit there ALL day until someone showed up - what time was the appointment that was cancelled? The Rep stated that information was not shared with them - I just told them to leave the appointment where it was. The only funny thing was when I got home I saw 3 missed calls - all from Verizon on the phone that doesn't work and that they KNOW it doesn't work since they're supposed to come repair it. I'm not even sure breathing is a requirement to work there.......

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