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Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Candy Is All Mine.

Since we are now living on the main drag we figured we'd get trick or treaters for once in our career - so in anticipation of the Onslaught we bought a lot of candy. We didn't have a single trick or treater. You read that right, not one. So we have a fairly large bowl of candy just sitting there begging to be eaten. It took all of my willpower to have a bowl of Rice Chex this morning instead of an assortment of mini candy bars. I figure we'll just horse it down until it's gone and that will be that. The snow is finally disappearing, the temps warmed up and now the yard is a big sloppy mess which Pearl enjoys skidding around in. Ray is scheduled to make a special guest star appearance today so we have performed the usual De - Catting Ritual of his room, I also have a surprise for him. He has this thing about a singer from the 50's, Frankie Laine and has been on the hunt for a CD - and has been unsucessful. While in the Great Lakes I actually found him a couple of his greatest hits albums so that should make him happy. Work has been busy and a bit frustrating, they do things a bit differently and then you throw the computer in plus a full schedule - but I'm getting the hang of it and am finding a lot of my patients pretty amusing. I had one that did an impression of the doctor's wife so dead on I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

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connie said...

We did not get the number of trick or treaters we usually get. Fred would not let me put out the "good stuff" so he has it all to himself. Mom