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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ho. Hum

I can't believe that Christmas is around the corner, can you? It seems as I get older it seems to sneak up faster leaving me more and more unprepared each year. Some people have thier outside lights up already but that is due more to the climate - people put them up now rather than waiting until it's below 2 and snowing. The temps have dropped drastically, it's now in the 30's and we've had a few little dustings - but we all know that's just a precursor to the Real Deal. The cats still go out in the morning but are back in by 7 - Vincent had a run in with something this morning so he opted to Exit Stage Left back onto the couch. Pronto. I've been messing around with my time at work, if you start at 8 am (that is only if you can get some crazy patient to agree to see you that early....) you can leave at 4:30 - I've done that two days in a row but have found it's not worth it. First off I have to leave about 7:20 to get anywhere by 8 and the other problem is things get so busy in the afternoon the earliest I've been able to leave is 4:50 so the upshot is I leave much earlier and end up getting out about the same time. So it's not really worth the effort. David has been busy, between the house and jobs he's been running about, he got his hunting license and will most likely go this weekend. Pearl will enjoy that! My car goes into the shop again, the tires in the back have a slow leak, I will never buy Goodyear tires again. They have a 90,000 mile warrantee and this is the THIRD set of tires I've been through and you don't get the replacements free, they're pro-rated and now they're leaking.

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