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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Verizon Customer Service??

We had a pretty good weekend, Grace and Kim arrived Friday afternoon and we just did some shopping and stuff. It was sort of a last minute sort of thing and I didn't have time to make plans, so we went out to dinner and the local indoor fleamarket. We did a quick tour of Honesdale and I got a 1947 copy of Goodhouse Keeping Crafts which includes instructions on how to make your own hammock, weaving a rug and other assorted handiworks since you know how women enjoy those sorts of things. I told Kim and Grace if they come out when it's warmer we can go to the Poconos - the temps have remained in the teens and it's a bit frosty to be taking the garden tour of the mountains. Pearl of course enjoyed herself immensely since they love dogs and she loves them and Vincent even got in on the action. David and I are just hanging out, watching the Chiller Channel ( The People Under The Stairs was on!) and doing laundry. We're also having problems with Verizon and thier customer service has not improved since the last go around we had with them, which would have been about 7 weeks ago in which it took us about a month to get phone service. Now the phone rings and I can hear you, but you can't hear me. David called last night and finally asked to speak to supervisor - he was put on hold. He gave me the cell phone and I sat on hold while he got ready to go out. Then he held the phone while I got ready to go out and I sat on hold while we drove to the restaurant. My phone finally conked out right before the waitress came - so when I called back this morning I asked the customer rep why we'd been put on hold for over half an hour and she said the supervisors aren't really around on the weekend and since they're in another location the reps don't know how long I would be hold for. I was going to ask why that hadn't been mentioned BEFORE I was on hold but I figured since the only requirement to working as a Verizon "customer service rep" is the ability to breath and say more than three words at a time I would be wasting my time and what ever little brain function was on the other end of the line. Now we aren't going to see a repairman until Tuesday (despite the fact they're located two miles down the road) and David has to stay home for half a day waiting. I love Verizon, don't you??

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