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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chipmunk Fun!

Yesterday, in Pearl's yard she discovered a Chipmunk In A Pipe. We had no worries for the safety of the chipmunk, the pipe is about 10 feet long so if it couldn't stay away from the dog it was obviously too stupid to live anyhow. We were amused by her tactics - she's pretty smart and was picking up and dropping it in an effort to make it come out. The part I liked is it kept her busy for about 2 hours and out of my hair. I finally made her come in so the chipmunk could have some alone time which by then, he most richly deserved. David worked the shuttle last night so he was out of here by 1 am, he only does it about once a week but it's interesting for me to be on the other end of the spectrum. I worked nightshift for years and I didn't realize how disruptive it is to those of us trying to sleep. The alarm goes off at midnight, lights on, coffee brewing. I fell back asleep pretty fast but the pets get confused as they think it's time for breakfast and need to go out. I'll post pictures of my knitting tomorrow, I am very much liking the way it's coming out and the yarn is so pretty. I have a thing for yellow and green lately, no idea why. Maybe it's because I'm getting older - my tastes change as I approach my years of dementia and decay. But I suppose I have a few good years left. I cannot believe I'm almost 50, I certainly don't feel like it - I'm surprised by my own reflection sometimes, I think I do look my age and it's not a bad thing really. I do envy youth - when I see someone in their 20s and remember looking like that, but most of the time I'm pretty happy with the way I turned out. I look forward to the coming years, hoping for some true peace and quiet. The days I enjoy the most are the ones I spend with David, exploring the surrounding area, shopping, out to eat. The quiet afternoons reading, knitting, walking with the dog. I wish sometimes the boys would come home more, that we lived in a more rural area, but for now things are ok some days and I'll take that.

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