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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The end of the month is looming fast - I guess the reason I thought of it is when I left for work yesterday morning it was a little cool. Here fall comes early and I for one will be relieved, as you've all been reading it has not been a fun summer at all. But things are never all bad and they are starting to straighten out. I have plenty to keep my busy - David is having his first colonoscopy this weekend - he's at that age now. He was going to work on Friday but I reminded him there is a "prep" involved with these things and riding around in an armored truck for 10 hours was probably not a good idea. Unless of course you didn't like the other person then it would be Fitting Revenge. He has been super busy this week with all sorts of other things. I'm working to the end at my job, it has piled up and Friday is coming fast - but not fast enough. I have put all reading to the side, I have way too much to do, I still knit a few rows a night. I have no idea what I would do if I couldn't knit, when life gets over the top stressful I pick up my needles and within a few minutes my thoughts stop pounding and I can think. The stress has gotten so bad lately my chest gets tight and my stomach rolls into a knot most days. I cannot stand it. Leaving my job has been hard as everyone has been out so the work is double most days, I'm trying to get my stuff done and deal with a lot of other things at the same time. But I have my knitting and that keeps me going. I take Pearl walking in the woods in the mornings and that helps too, the dried up bog is a fun place to explore, the trees are up on their little islands. So when I get stressed, I just take a deep breath and remember - this always has an end.

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