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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rain. More Rain. Stay tuned.

The weather continues to go back and forth between raining and hot and humid. But the summer is going by fast, isn't it? It's the middle of July already, as I get older the days seem to fly by at the speed of light. One month turns into the next before I know it, Thanksgiving and it's a new year already. Pearl was a puppy, Jackson was home, now it's just us, the cats and a full grown dog. But it's the way things go I suppose, time marches on and all of that. I'm on the last two weeks of work as of Monday and I'm scrambling to get it all together before I go. This past week has been completely disjointed but next week everyone is back and I can concentrate on my work instead of everyone else's. The sweater I started is going along much better than I thought it would, it looks like the picture and everything. I'm using my new Namaste knitting bag too! which I LOVE. It's like the Mercedes Benz of knitting bags and super swanky - even if my life is going down the john I have my bag! I've heard from Jackson a couple of times, he has been working hard but is enjoying apartment life. His roommate has a cat so I think he feels a bit more like he's home. He said he much prefers to have an apartment as opposed to staying on the ship, I think I would like that too. Adam continues to float around until December, he emails quite often - I still miss them.

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