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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth Of July!

We barbequed last night - I had been out during the day and found some great redskin potato salad at Giant supermarket. I have no idea what they put in to it but I'm glad I bought the big one instead of the wee one. It is the heroin of potato salads, believe me, I was even thinking of having some for breakfast. So we had that, burgers and of course corn on the cob - what's a summer BBQ without that? Hopefully not much going on today, we're heading out early this morning as the local LYS is having a sale of 30% off EVERYTHING but only from 8am to 11. I have to say the Yarn Hater is not very happy about this turn of events, but he'll get over it. Eventually. I finished the socks last night so I have to get started on another project, I think I'll do a baby hat first and then there's a sweater that will be perfect for that yarn I bought at Kramers a couple of weeks ago. The Yarn Hater has been busy this morning he re-caulked the bathroom wall in the shower again, it's leaking a lot less, but it seems to be just one more little spot and it's driving him crazy. Of course I spent about half an hour yesterday scouring that bathroom from top to bottom so I was not very happy. It was perfectly clean and now is full of grout and dirt. The bathroom is all white and if it's clean it looks very Home and Gardens, but it shows every bit of dirt and muck so it's a pain in the butt. We're going out early today and then running home, the tourists are thick this time of year and if we don't get home by a certain time of the weekends we just sit and sit in traffic. I'm starting my countdown at work, I'll miss my co-workers but I'm very excited about my new job and can't wait to get started! Happy fourth everyone - have a skein on me!

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