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Monday, July 26, 2010

Not Bad, Not Bad At All

Sunday was nice - I went into work for a couple of hours to get some more work done, I had to catch up with a patient and make sure he was alright, but it was still a good day. I drove down to the office and David met me there a couple of hours later so we could go shopping. We've gotten quite good at grocery shopping lately, due to our busy schedules we manage to get just about everything we need in trip. But of course we also manage to forget at least two things per trip. We remember them at some point after we get home. For instance last night we realized we had forgotten to buy more ketchup - and dog food. But we have enough to get by so things are good. I've got to start getting the guest room ready as Nancy will be here in a couple of weeks - I'll work on it this coming weekend, no one has stayed down there for a few months so it just needs to be freshened up. It rained again yesterday but that was alright. It cooled it off a little, not much but at this point we'll take anything. Sometimes when it rains it's like getting a break, like when the electric goes out at work and you have to go - I read and knitted, watched tv and sat with the dog. I'm hoping this next week will go smoothly, the 2 AM girl is in full swing of course but I caught up on my sleep yesterday afternoon. Pearl and I put on the air around 4 and out we went. We woke up around 5:30 and then back in bed at 8:30, Pearl was glad because she has only been getting 20 hours a day. I've heard from Adam, he is getting mighty bored on his 6 month tour, he is out of books already. This weekend I might box up some to send him, he is a great reader and runs through them as fast as I do. One of the greatest gifts I think I gave to both my boys was the love of reading and classical music. The rest is all them.

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