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Monday, July 12, 2010

Holding Patterns

After a couple of stutters and starts I decided on starting a sweater out of Simply Knitting. That is one of my favorite knitting magazines but it's printed in England so it occasionally sends me running to YouTube for an explanation of the directions. So it's all cast on and ready to go. I'm gearing up for the next two weeks, my job ends at the end of the month and with everyone out and on vacation it's been tough to get my work done and everyone else's. It's been causing me a great deal of anxiety quite naturally, especially since I also have to do patients on top of all of this. But I'll get through it. The weather has had a bit of a break, it's still hot but not an inferno. We do enjoy sitting under the trees around here, the pets especially enjoy the old stone walls that surround the property as it's stuffed with chipmunks. David has been working on Saturdays lately so Sunday is our only day that we really get to see each other, we usually end up doing our weekly shopping and then out to Dairy Queen of course! As you can see we're in a holding pattern, things are still a bit disjointed but settling down. We just roll along.

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