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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Sun Came Up So I Guess I Will Too.

Today I was a limp rag. Given the current events, past, present and ongoing - I am done. Stick a fork in me and so forth. I had all sorts of plots and plans but by 8 am I was deflated and unable. And that's ok once in a while. I went to the office and did a little bit more clearing of my desk - I told the new manager to start moving her stuff in as it won't be long now. I hope. Read the previous entry on Jinxes. I headed out to Nazareth to The Yarn Shop which is on the side of the Kraemer's textile - they not only sell the yarn but they actually produce it. I LOVE THEM WITH ALL MY LITTLE FLUFFY HEART.
I had bought a bag of mill ends a few weeks ago - it's the same as the "good stuff" but a deeply discounted. because the skeins are the ends and a bit uneven. I should have bought both bags but didn't so today I ended up spending more than I saved but was glad I would be able to finish the sweater. I made a brief stop to deposit David's check in the other account, since the renter has become a freeloader we've had to put David's paycheck in the tax account so we'll be able to pay the taxes on both the houses. I find it rather galling that my own kids are self sufficient and I am supporting someone I don't even know - glad to know the law is on the side of those of us that follow the rules. Back home on the ranch the yard has become a hot jungle like place - I drench myself in bug spray and we all sit outside under the trees. Pearl keeps a eye out for Pat The Neighbor who she likes a lot, when she sees him she wiggles over to get petted and be told how pretty she is - what's not to like? I put the air on in the bedroom when it's gets really hot in the afternoon - the pets and I hole up - the tv and computer are here so it's not bad. Since we're not home most of the day we'll get another one eventually, it's not a high on the list and until we get the renter thing straightened out, it's not even on the list at all. Of course there's another galling thing - the freeloader has central air and I don't. Gotta love the American Way.

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