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Friday, July 23, 2010

Moving Along

The interesting thing about not being able to sleep is you get to watch a lot of weird TV - and it must be Free Movie Week because there is a lot of the F word being flung about this morning. The only thing I can see so far is we are not missing much. Our TV habits for the past year or so have slipped into home improvement and detective shows. The occasional knitting show if I can find it. We're boring, we admit it. There's plenty of stuff going on at the moment, most of which I cannot talk about as I don't want to jinx things. Anyone that knows me knows I'm a great believer in Jinxes - I will not say or do anything until whatever event or occurrence has passed and I am Safe. I also have a Magic 8 Ball that has the same accuracy of the local weather channel so I don't rely on it too much. It's supposed to be super hot this weekend as per the weather channel, we will be holed up in the house I suppose. I'm going to run out to Kraemers this weekend for a yarn run but other than than there's not much on the boards - we are truly in a holding pattern these days, too much going on to even deal with. David is working a lot, I might start looking for a dog walker for when I go away - he occasionally is out for up to 14 hours and that is way too long for the dog. We have a fenced in yard and I'd love to put a doggie door in - that would solve most of our problem but if she gets out during the day - I would be heartbroken. And I cannot take one more event.

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