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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random Subjects.

I'm working towards the end of my job - the new manager has been hired and I think it will be a much better fit for everyone. But the transition is a forced march for everyone. Things are moving along slowly but surely, looking up a little but I don't get too comfortable. You never know what might be coming down the pike. David passed the physical so he has a new job on the horizon, he's done quite well being an armed guard and even though it doesn't pay what renovations did, it's steady work and not quite as stressful. The boys are fine, Adam continues to bob around foreign seas and Jackson is enjoying apartment living in California. We've been discussing getting another dog lately, we have to wait until things are settled with the Lake Ariel house - that continues to be a mess but hopefully will be resolved soon. With the two of us working so much Pearl is alone most of the time now, her whining has reached new heights to put it mildly. We'll be outside in the yard and she'll start in sitting right next to me, I try not to get mad at her but after a long stressful day at work, it's hard not to. We'll figure it out I suppose. I have two 4 day training sessions coming up in August - Lucky Me! the center is located near the King Of Prussia mall! EIGHT DAYS total of proximity to the mall - what ever will I do with my evenings! I continue to work on the sweater, I'm making an early run to Kraemer's in Nazareth on Saturday and hopefully will be able to get more of the yarn I bought - otherwise there will be some frogging going on this weekend. That would be a shame as it's actually coming out pretty good, but I have other yarn that I could use that would be more than enough to finish the project. It also might be a thin excuse to go to the yarn store.

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