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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hot and Dry Just The Way I Like My Men

I don't really have that much to say, but I wanted to put these pictures of the sweater I started up so you could see I'm doing a semi-boffo job so far. My only worry is that since I bought a bag of mill ends, despite the fact my calculations say I'll have enough yarn to finish the job what I've used so far says otherwise. I'm planning on making a Yarn Run next weekend and will hopefully be able to procure more so I'll be safe in being able to finish the sweater. There would be nothing worse than only having half a sleeve left and no way to get more of the yarn. I've only been working on the sweater, I've stopped reading until I'm done with my job and onto the the other one. I went to make my reservation for the 1st conference and all the Bayada rooms are booked so I have to call in to the planner and find out what I do now. They're very well organized so there's always a back up plan. This is the last weekend and after this the nurses will be on call rotation so hopefully I can get some stuff done over the weekends. This weekend was just a lost cause between chasing patients and visits and so forth. The weather continues to be hot and that beastly sun beats down on us all day - the bog has completely dried up as you can see by the pictures, the mosquitos hover above the ground - they are way annoying. Anywhere you didn't hit with bug spray they get you. Pearl and I were mucking around down there, it's interesting because you can go where you normally can't when the water is there. I got to see what lies on the other side (pretty much the same stuff on my side), but I was careful as I didn't want to accidently hit a sink hole. I did that a couple of times as a kid and it was not a fun experience. I kept thinking while I was walking around about a storybook I loved as a kid - it was teasing the edges of my memory - and then I remembered what it was -

There were five identical brothers and one of them could suck up the ocean so his family could pick fish - there 's more to it of course but you would have to read the book itself as it's a very good children's book. Anyhow, that was on my mind while we pottered around - it was not quite as interesting as you would think and without the water it's not as attractive as it usually is either. Pearl had a good time and found stuff to eat - she always does - I didn't see anything I felt was to my taste so I ate nothing. David and I did the weekly shopping of course, we've gotten into a Sunday shopping day as he works just about every Sunday, if I wasn't on call every weekend I could probably get something done other than running around in circles.

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