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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not a Picture From Today

The rain came down in absolute torrents this morning, the spout on the side of the house looked like a giant spigot it was coming down so fast. Pearl The Brave insisted on going out of course - I took my pink umbrella and followed her out as I was trying to get Vincent The Wet Rat to come back in the house. He'll go out when it's raining and then come in all dripping wet and trailing raindrops all over. He allowed himself to be chased in after he was satisfied he had enough rivets of water chasing down his tail to make a proper puddle on the kitchen floor, he is such a stinker. Anyhoo, the transfer papers for my new job are all signed, I'm off to two conferences in August, I cannot wait. Work is hard, but everyone will be orientated and back from vacation on Monday so the staffing issues will be the reverse - trying to find enough patients to cover the nurses instead of the other way around. I'm slogging through paperwork trying to get it reasonable before I'm gone and working on orienting everyone. David's working crazy hours but glad to be working - he's pretty much put away his tools for now and is just doing the guard thing. The economy is too shaky here for renovations and it's just too hard. The jobs are far and few between and getting money out of people is a nightmare. This job is steady and when it's done, it's done. He's taken a little break from working on our house and will resume it in the fall when the weather is cooler - the pool will stay that way for another year I'm afraid. We've been having money problems with the renter so the pool has moved way down the list for rehabbing. The frogs and salamanders have been granted a reprieve for another year.

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