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Friday, July 30, 2010

Just Breath.

Yes - I made it to the end of the week, pretty much intact to boot. My stomach has been in a knot, my chest feels tight. It was a rough, rough week - we were short staffed, the paperwork was piled high but I made it through. I saw Peds on and off all day - I am excited, they are excited. I start on Monday and will have a mentor - I don't think I'll be on orientation too long and then will have my own group of patients - I am very excited! My replacement is very nice and I spent a lot of time today going over how to order things, where stuff goes, where I hide the expensive wound dressings (nurses are like squirrels - if you put anything out that's something they might use someday they will take it all "just in case" - they'll hoard it and keep adding to their stash. So you think you have nothing and keep ordering and they just keep sneaking off with it. So you become an expert at hiding supplies). I'm planning on decompressing this weekend, I would have liked a couple of days off but that didn't happen. I am at this job for a week, then a week of training at KING OF PRUSSIA - yes you read that right AND it is VERY near to the mall. I go twice - now and later in the month. In other news Adam has made Sailor of The Day - that's very impressive since a carrier has a few thousand aboard - he is currently on the USS Truman and we got a very nice letter from the Commander. So it's been a pretty good day all in all. I'm going to knit of course this weekend, David has his colonoscopy tomorrow and Sunday will find us grocery shopping and So Forth. So Forth usually involves a trip to Dairy Queen which is super fun. We cannot celebrate tonight as David is on a clear liquid and has to do the "prep" which involves staying about 6 feet away from the bathroom at times,. We got another call from the Freeloaders, they were wondering why David drained the POOL they bought. David nicely explained it was because he had to cut the grass - I am not allowed to get on the phone because apparently I have Temper Problems and will not help the situation. That is what I've been told, it may or may not be true.

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