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Thursday, August 26, 2004

And We Now Return To Our Originally Scheduled Programing..

Yep, Real Life has reared it's ugly head once again. I accepted the job at Moses Taylor and will be starting Monday morning, 8 am sharp and in uniform. A white one no less. But I can wear my print jackets so it's not a total loss. I took Jackson to Western Wayne High School this morning and he's all enrolled. He likes it better than he thought he would and although he won't be able to take German, he signed up for Mechanical Engineering and can take weight lifting for gym. The counseler that signed him up took us for the 50 cent tour and showed him where his home room is, gave him a map of the building (I thought that was nice) and answered all his questions - he had plenty. He starts on Tuesday, the day after I start my job so for us, the summer is over. After we went to Honesdale (#2 picture). It's a small town about 15 miles from here, really old with some touristy stuff thrown in. There's a nice vegetarian store complete with yuppie vegetarians. They're trying to look "natural" but actually look like "big dork-o-las" - all I can say is I rather be shot at sunrise than appear in public wearing a straw hat and hurachi sandals. On the way, there's a buffalo farm where you can buy buffalo meat and ice cream. Not too sure I would want to buy my ice cream there - bet  the flavors are interesting! Our friend Ray is coming out to visit us for the first time this weekend and I'm pretty excited, I haven't seen him in almost a year! Jackson has to clean (#3)and va-moose from the guest room for the weekend but he's ok with that because he gets to sleep in the loft. David'll have his room done in a couple of weeks and then the bedrooms  will be straightened out. David continues to work on the house, you can see the difference in just a couple of weeks from pictures # 4 & 5. . He'll be looking for work  in a couple of months - we're in good shape financially  and we really need someone to be here for Jackson. David's also planning on returning to LI around mid-Sept to finish up there and see his parents. I guess I'd better enjoy the weekend since as of Monday, I'll once again be a poor working slob.

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