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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

If You've Got It, Flaunt It!

Silly cat. I went on my first formal interview today (as opposed to where I just drop in out of nowhere). Hospital was nice, job was on a tele-floor, 100% tuition reimbursement, pay was $18.50 (going rate around here folks!), benefits start the day after I do. I went to the other hospital down the road as a drop in, did an interview anyhow despite my many attempts to just fill out an application and high tail it to the mall. I got nailed with the "applicant survey" - I actually finished it early but the human resources person managed to get the nursing recruiter there by somewhat heroic measures -it's not that I'm a great nurse by any stretch of the imagination, but with nurses getting more scarce they'll just about tackle you in the parking garage just to add you to their roster. Anyhow, hospital is nice, got offered a job on the surgical onc, $20 an hour, but benefits start after 4 months BUT they'll give you a signon bonus that will cover some sort of COBRA like thing. That sucks actually. It's like getting money for your birthday and then buying groceries with it. By the time I got done with the pseudo-interview it was 3:30 and I was a bit of a crabby pants, in no mood for going to the Our Lady Of  End Of Summer Clearance so I went home. I'm getting better direction wise, once I was out of Scranton proper I drove all the way home without using the GPS once. I try to use if only if I really need to or I've got to be somewhere on time. You can get very dependent on it quickly but like I said yesterday, it makes it easier to explore the surrounding area without driving around for hours trying to get home.

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