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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Just Horsing Around!

I don't know if I mentioned it, but behind our house is a horse pasture! We hadn't seen any until a couple of days ago and now they appear during the day, about 6 of them. If you go to the fence they come trotting right over, but I haven't attempted to touch one due to the fact I'm still traumatized by The Cow Attack I suffered in WV. We'd gone to a yard sale out in the country and the person had cows that were standing by the fence looking all Docile and Non Threatening. David assured me cows don't bite so I went up and touched my first cow! Then I gave it a little friendly Vegetarian pat on the head. Well. The cow that had been looking at me with those big brown Cow Eyes stuck it's head through the fence and grabbed my sweater! I grabbed it too (since I was in it ) and the cow yanked harder! I yelled for David but he was all agog about the yardsale (I think they had tools) and kept walking toward the garage while I was in a life and death struggle with the crazed sweater pulling cow that was trying to pull me through the fence so it could show me to it's other cow friends (LOOK I CAUGHT A VEGETARIAN YUMMY).  It finally let go and of course my poor sweater was all stretched out on one side and was completly covered in Deadly Cow Slobber. I went to the yard sale and yelled at David in front of the owner of the Psycho cows and you won't believe this. They laughed! The owner laughed so hard I thought she would fall off her chair which I didn't think was appropriate, especially since her cow tried to commit a Murder. So I'm going to proceed cautiously with the horses. In other news, David's installed 2 new french doors in our living room which look very super cool.

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