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Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Back in Business!!

We arrived here Sat - the second we got out of the car the rain starting pouring and then the electric went out. Thank goodness we had help to unpack! The cable and telephone were on (yipee!)and we did much better than the previous move. There's a great(cheap) restaurant down the road so we don't starve when we get done late. Since we've been here it's been run unpack run unpack.  The cats and dogs have adjusted great - David had a moment this morning in the yard while using the leaf blower. He saw a little black cat next door and thought it was neat they had a cat that looked just like Mr. Lee. Then he realized it WAS Mr. Lee. Just great. The telephone is out today, Verizon said they can't get here til tomorrow. I've posted pictures of the house, the first one is of one of the many deer that roam the area. Yesterday I saw a total of 7 and have seen 2 already this morning. The rest are various pictures to give everyone an idea of what the house looks like - keep in mind we're still in the process of unpacking which most of the time feels like we're trying to fit square pegs into round holes. Nothing seems to fit anywhere, there aren't enough shelves or closets,etc.We've been busy exploring the surrounding area and have visited one farm stand. They grow blueberries around here but I will not go to any stands that have the U-Pik thing going on. Like I'm going to pay someone to treat me like a migrant worker!!

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