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Sunday, August 15, 2004

I'm Never Sure If I Should Call The Fire Dept Or Pull Up A Chair

But it WAS the Fire Dept making all that smoke so there was no point in calling them. We went to the craft fair in town yesterday and they were warming up the BBQ which was about 25 feet long and the guys were using mops to put the sauce on. Since we're in the heart of Arts And Crafts country you can load up with every concievable kind of seasonal or ruffled item for next to nothing. Today it's overcast again but yesterday was really nice. The 2nd picture is Lake Ariel taken from across the clubhouse (#3) which is where we ate breakfast this morning. It was very cheap and really good. Most of the eateries around here are cheap, for a big lunch you can get away with less than $14 for two, including coffee and dessert. The next two pictures are of the golf course and the last is the road to Scranton. Even the highways around here are quite impressive, scenery wise. When we out to breakfast this morning we passed a little altercation that involved the condo-police as our friend Jim refers to them. This gated community has it's own security but I'm not sure what they would do to you if they caught you out doing something against The Rules. Maybe they would put you in Condo-Jail which is probably a one bedroom sublet with no central air. I, however, have read the rather extensive handbook they give you and am trying to walk the straight and narrow. Well, not really but I'm trying to LOOK like I am, hence the reason I take the Pooper Squad out early so no one catches me. That's us - Poop And Run!

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