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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Mr. Lee, The Focal Point

David left for WV yesterday to retrieve our stuff. He gave me a bit of guff about going - he's made so many trips back and forth he's had quite enough. But I just want it done and over with.  He stayed overnight and will be home today. Jackson's also coming back today with  Mom. I called the Condo-cops because this is a gated community and you've got  to alert the gate. First I had to pinpoint the exact day, who was being let in (I neglected to mention they're both a little squirrelly looking) then they wanted a PIN number (?) which I got a lecture on not having one because they had to make sure "it really was that property". I almost said "Who else would let them in?" but any humor is suspect with those people. We then did my PIN NUMBER OVER THE PHONE, how secure is that I ask you? I could have been some stranger letting Connie in and then there's no telling what kind of mischief she could get into. So I'm squared away with The Hideout's Finest. I went to the gym here yesterday for the first time, it's small but the equipment's very top of the line AND you can watch HGTV while treadmilling it. I found the clubhouse without driving around on Chestnut Hill Drive in a circle 25 times so I'm getting more acclimated. The deer here are so numerous but you never see them lying in the road, I guess they're so used to the cars they don't bolt out. David was sort of nervous about them because of the incident last year with his truck. He'd only had his new truck for a month and was going over to bring Christmas cookies to his parents when a buck came out of nowhere and took out the entire side of his truck. Needless to say we didn't like deer for a very LONG time. The damage to the truck was repaired, but David continued to be affected by Post Deer Trauma Syndrome. Given the fact there are about 6 billion deer here you can't keep that kind of hatred up for long so he's pretty much gotten over it.

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