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Saturday, August 7, 2004

What Cha Got Good?

The loft's a big hit with the animals, it's great for spying and looking directly down into eveyone's dinner plate to see if it's worth coming down and begging. In other  news, I've discovered one of the best ways to learn the history of your house is not to talk to the RE or do a title search, but to ask the neighbors. the phone guys said it was empty for awhile and  according to the next door neighbor it was rented at one point to "a bunch of animals" that screamed and fought all the time and owned SIX small dogs which would account for the fact David kept smelling dog urine. After he ripped up the rugs on the 1st and 2nd floor, including all the padding the smell went away. Hmm. Yucko. We made another trip to Lowes, we've got lots of closets with no shelves so there's stuff piled on the closet floor. We went to the local restaurant for a late lunch today and sat across from the worst behaved child I've ever seen. He was so loud no one could talk until he left and his mother was one of those that just sat there acting like it was ok and occasionally giving that smarmy smile those people give, as if we're all supposed to think it's cute or something. If he was my kid he either would have been spending some time out in the car (there were 3 adults) or I would've brought my taser. As she was leaving she was laughing and saying "I'll bet the people in the restaurant will be glad to see us go!" I was good and did not shout "YOU'VE GOT THAT RIGHT SISTER" after her. But I wanted to. I've got to say, there were about a dozen other kids in there today and none of them even came close to that little monster. The tempeture's in the 60's today, I can't believe it's still August!

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