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Monday, August 9, 2004

More Pictures Of The Estate

Better pictures of the house, the 4th one's the new doors David installed downstairs. He's putting two more sets of them on the main floor and moving the picture window to the wall by the dining room table to let more light in. In the spring he'll be putting in skylights which should brighten things up a bit. He wants to whitewash the paneling because it's so dark but I'm enjoying the campy lodge atmosphere right now. David spoke to another heating guy, this one also wanted to charge him $6500. David told him he could get a heating unit for less, guy said he marked up 35%. David said  it was not $6500. Guy said 2 workers at $90 an hour for the day. David quickie did the math and pointed out it was still way below $6500.  Guy said Well, that's what I charge. David said he'd do it himself and thanked him for his time. Right after he hung up the phone rang. It was heating guy again - he just wanted  to tell him he didn't like working in the Hideout anyhow because it was full of guys from NY and NJ that thought they knew it all. Good Bye.! We've got someone coming today from Sears I think. We'll get one in, but not at that price!

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