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Thursday, August 5, 2004

If All Else Fails, Show A Picture Of The Cat

Slow day, Carpet guy came and did the 1st floor bedroom which will be Jackson's temporary digs until David has the Dungeon ready for him. Saw 6 deer this morning, they're getting  annoying already. I have to go chase them out of the yard before I take the dogs out because they make them go  bonkers. Phone guy came and phone's done. I've got an interview scheduled at Robert Moses Hospital in Scranton on Tuesday, but I'm going there tomorrow to scope out the lay of the land and look at the other hospitals. I'm not planning on going back to work til the beginning of Sept so I've got a little time to decide. David and I drove around to the various parks and recreational centers in the community, there are two large pools and beaches on the side of the lake. I don't think I'll be swimming in the lake, reminds me a bit too much of Sear Bellows Pond (WHO WANTS SOME IMPETAIGO!) They've got an Arts And Crafts center and you can buy cheesy ceramics anytime you want to paint and decorate. There were about a dozen very intense 10 year olds there when I visited ,all painting funky frogs and Art Deco Ladies With Hats. Could make quite a focal point. David's been busy, I'm trying to keep him focused on one thing at a time instead of 97 different projects. David will be making one last run to WV to get the half a load we left behind and then that's it for that.

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