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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Frankly My Deer, I Don't Give A Yam

David and Jackson decided to feed the deer grapes one night and then David fed them some old plums I was going to throw out. The deer have now decided that we are thier closest and deerest friends. I prefer feeding the stray cats because if you don't have anything they can't stomp you to death (has anyone seen When Animals Attack?). So now they show up on a regular basis to see what we got good. David's continuing to work on the house without permission from the Gestapo - he had the Hideout Handbook out this morning but I think it's a bit late for that. In the event they throw us into Condo jail maybe someone can sneak a file in with our lattes and biscotti. Jackson started with his new orthodontist on Monday who's going to try and get some of our money back from the one in WV. We paid for the entire treatment upfront - we'll never do that again. We're also in the process of getting the money out of escrow from the house in WV that we had to leave because of the septic system. It passed 2 weeks ago and nothing. It's great how fast they take it but giving it back always involves forms and paperwork. I think the only paperwork involved when they took it was the signature on the check. Jackson and I finally hiked around the lake yesterday, it's a 3 mile walk but a fun one. There are all sorts of liitle parks and streams to see and since they're very strict about dogs being leashed no more being chased by pits and rottweilers. Those were the two reasons I had stopped walking in Hampton Bays - although bolting home will take the weight off of you, it just kind of ruins the relaxing part. I did my drug screen yesterday so am awaiting the results. I also had to sign a paper stating I wouldn't sell drugs on the hospital premises. For some reason I don't think I would get away with it just by stating no one told me not to sell illegal drugs in the parking lot, but I guess policy is policy.

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