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Monday, August 30, 2004

I'll Keep The Bed Warm For You, Have Fun At Work!

Well, got through my first day of orientation at Moses Taylor General Hospital, it was twice as exciting as I thought it would be. Not. In between exciting lectures on Fire Safety and Benefits Information they give you a little history on the place. Moses Taylor was an investor of Lacawana Iron Works  - he gave $227,000 in  March 1887 to build a hospital  for his employees. He never go to see it completed or even started for that matter because he croaked in May 1887. Guess you really can't take it with you. And that was the highlight of my whole day. I get a whole week or so of orientation and then have to orientated on the floor DURING THE DAY for 4 to 6 weeks. Between orientating at WVUH, then Monongelia General Hospital and now this one, I'll be the most orientated nurse in the universe. Ray ix-nayed home to New Jersey this morning .I thought he'd stay until Tuesday but David said he had some stuff to do at home. I think we'll be seeing more of  him since we  live so close now and he's going to be in Hampton Bays when David goes back for a visit in the fall. Jackson starts school tomorrow, he's twice as excited as I was at orientation. Not.

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