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Friday, August 6, 2004

How Are You My Deer?!!

Ok,enough with the deer already. I've stopped counting. That's a picture of them standing in the field behind our stone fence. What they're doing is staring at The Two Stupid Dogs who are sniffing the ground TRACKING DEER. The canine Wonder Twins didn't even see them standing 12 feet away, they're hopeless. The rest of the pictures are of Scranton where I drove this morning to scope out the hospitals. I found the parking garage for the one I'm interviewing at on Tues, I liked Mercy down the block so I'm calling them on Monday. I did an informal drop in on CMC but will be putting them on the back burner for now I think. Since I've got a few weeks I'd like to see all of them. David and I went to Dickson City this afternoon for more Home Depot stuff. We went to a farm stand on the way home and bought some mumms that I've planted on the deck, far away from nibbling deer. There are some brave souls around here that do have bushes and so forth, but then they put that ugly deer fencing around it so you can't see what it is they've got planted. What's the point? We also had a family of turkey in the yard this morning complete with babies. David's currently playing with the plumbing and is working out a few bugaboos. The temp today was in the 60's!! The heating guy will be here this weekend to give an estimate, which is a good thing. I've got a sneaking suspicion fall comes a bit early here!!

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