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Friday, August 20, 2004

Jack IS the Beanstalk!

Jackson and my mother arrived Tuesday and passed muster with the Gate Gestapo, barely. I wish my mother wasn't so shifty looking, there wasn't much I could do but try to distract the Condo cops from looking too closely(haha).  Jackson now wears a size 13 shoe and we haven't officially measured him but I think he's closing in on 6'2" - and he's only 14. I had him stand next to David whos' 6'1" but he kept stretching and then David did it back so it's hard to tell. He managed to visit almost everyone at home and had a good vacation.  David decided it would be a fine and friendly thing to play with the plumbing while my mom was here and then the phone went out for most of the day so she got to rough it in the gated community. The deer were more than willing to entertain - we had almost a dozen roaming around our backyard one night. We had a good time, we went to the malls and out to eat, Mom said she and the crew would be back in the fall. The shopping here is GREAT - if you hunt around you can get some super deals. My references finally came through and  I got hired by Moses Taylor Hospital to work on the cardiac floor starting Aug. 30th, pending my passing the drug screen. So I guess no heroin and crack BBQ's at the main lodge this weekend! David put in a window today, it was a special order window from home depot that someone returned -original cost $650. It was marked down to $395 but I suggested to David to find the manager and quibble - he got it for $350 (triple Anderson windows) and as you can see, it fits perfectly! I don't know about you but I love a bargain. And as far as the wedding saga goes, it is coming to an end. I'm tired. The way things are starting to go, I'm glad not to be going.

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