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Sunday, November 7, 2004

At The Olive Garden, You're Family!

See, EVERYONE was out to dinner last night! Did you know that's how they feed cows? I thought they just threw stuff around but apparently there is a Cow Feeding System. Ray's out for the weekend and the weather's co-operating - chilly but nice and the sky couldn't have been bluer! The second picture is us out to dinner at the Olive Garden(I prefer thier Feeding System)- we decided to go early and had dinner around 4pm. Good thing, around here on the weekends going out to dinner is big. When we left around 5:15, the line was out the door and I'm sure the wait was over an hour. We rented a couple of movies, don't rent Stuck On You - the blurb on the back is way funnier than that stupid movie will ever be. We got through about 20 minutes of it and  turned it off just in time to catch The Quiet Man - now there's a good movie. We've been watching alot of old movies lately, Jackson particularly liked Psycho and The Bad Seed. We're going exploring today, I've got to work tonight but not until 11 pm so that leaves me the day to wander about and I'll go back to bed after dinner. Adam called this morning, he has indeed secured a flight and will be leaving on the 10th. The only bad thing is his return flight is Dec. 26th out of Philly International AT SIX AM. I guess we'll figure it out. He's going to be underway again for awhile so figured he'd call before he left. He's still a Stuck On The Boat Monkey and will be for awhile. Ray will probably come out while he's home for the holidays which will be great, all of us together again. Ray's nephew has also offered to help us with the WV lawsuit thing (he's a lawyer) which makes me feel better. Are you wondering about the 3rd picture posted?? I told you we went out for dinner - and it's always a good thing to HAVE PIE FOR DESSERT. EEWWWW!!!!!

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