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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Here's a picture I took of the first snow yesterday.  Actually, there were flurries on Monday but it didn't stick not to mention I was sleeping so that didn't count. It's pretty much all melted now, but the temps are supposed to be in the 30's this week so we may have a repeat. We're supposedly getting a cord of wood this morning. David had called a guy about 2 or 3 weeks ago and he said he'd call the night before he brought the wood. The guy never called so Monday David started looking for someone else and lo and behold guy #1 calls last night to tell us he'll be here in the am with the wood. I'm guessing since no one ever mentioned a time frame, no foul has been committed. I made a beef stew last night which everyone enjoyed and I made dumplings with it. Jackson didn't know what they were and brought his plate over to me so I could look at them. I did admit to putting them in his plate, he sat there and poked and prodded them like he had small animals in his dinner. He finally took a bite and then I found him in the kitchen snarfling down the extra.


2 -3 lbs of stew meat. 8 potatoes, 1 lb baby carrots, 5 cups water, 4 beef boullion,bay leaves, 1/2 Rolling Rock Beer**, 3 tablespoons Wisteshire sauce, 1 large sweet onion, olive oil, flour, corn starch

Dredge meat in flour, brown in oil, remove. More oil, saute onion and add beef. Boil the water while you do this, add to pot and mix in everything but the vegetables. Cook on low for an hour and half, covered and stirring occasionally. When meat is cooked through, add vegtables, turn up to med low and cook til done. When done make a slurry with tsp of cornstarch and cold water, whisk in to thicken gravy. If you want dumplings buy Bisquick and follow directions. Everything here is approximate, I haven't measured in years, add or subtract according to taste.

** It's important to buy good beer because you get to drink the remaining half for lunch.

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